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4 reasons why your hair color did not turn out like the photo on the box.

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Picking hair color is as easy as choosing a color on your wall… don’t you wish!

If hair color were that easy, I would not have a job that I love!

I’ll try to make this super easy!

First, let’s start with choosing the color. You know, you look at the shade chart or a picture on the box and see the perfect blond. Just like at a restaurant you say “I’ll order that color, please”. Unfortunately, it does not work that way, because your hair already has color in it and may even have artificial color if you have colored it before.

Imagine painting a wall red that is half brown and half white, you will still see the brown come through, just like using the same shade of red on a blonde and a brunette will not have the same results. The trick is when choosing hair color you need to determine the hair color you already have.

Second, it’s not just about the shade of hair color you are applying it to, you also need to consider the texture of your hair. If your hair is fine, it may not hold color. If your hair is porous it may color too quickly.

Third is the underlining pigment - that is the color you don’t see. Everyone has underlining pigment. The amount of pigment changes from light to dark and thick to thin hair. This is where it gets tricky and experience comes in. This also explains why hair colorists are worth it!

Fourth, (is your head spinning yet?) hot roots (your roots are lighter than your ends) can occur if your developer is too high.

There you go, now you have it. If you’re interested in coloring your hair at home and would like a free consult before, just head to my website and book. Friends don’t let friends have bad hair!

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