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1. Choose a color that is within 2 levels of your natural hair color. If you go too light you will get brassy undertones. If you go too dark it will look unnatural.

2. If you have 75% gray or more choose one shade darker then your desired result. Here is a big trick used in salons, if you desire red or copper you need to purchase 2 boxes, one should be the red or copper and the 2nd should be the brown giving you depth. If you do not add the brown to your copper or red and you are 75% gray, your result will be I Love Lucy red!! Which is not always a bad thing.

3. If you've previously colored your hair, apply your next application at your roots only. This insures your ends are slightly lighter then your roots. That is one sure way to spot a bad dye job, darker ends.

4. If you have brassy hair color, tone by adding a tablespoon of water to the remaining color in the bowl/bottle and wait 10 minutes. This is what we use to call a shampoo/color cap in the salon.

5.If you have a sensitive scalp add a packet of Sweet&Low to the color right before you apply.

Of course there are always many things to consider when coloring your hair! If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

Karen Anne Jacks

Founder Della Ricca Hair Color

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