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Butter Hair Color?

Cream Vs Liquid Hair Color

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Butter vs “I can’t believe it’s not butter”

Which would you rather have? Butter, the real thing of course!

There was a time when a liquid was warranted, all the taste without the fat. The only problem: Natural is better than man-made - it all comes down to chemistry.

Hope I don’t get too sciency here, it will make sense, I promise.

Liquid hair color is an oxidized pigment, meaning they are large dyes. What’s great about them is they can sit on the shelf for years. Plus they be can exposed to the air and keep their strength. The problem is they are large pigments (oxidized) so you have to pry open the cuticle more in order for the large pigments to enter the hair shaft. In order to do this you have to mix the color with a high volume developer, causing damage to the hair strand. Something to remember: The higher the volume developer, the more damage to your hair. The more damage, the more fading; the more fading, the brassier. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Cream hair color is not oxidized pigment, meaning they are small pigments. That is why when you first mix it, you do not see any color. It’s what’s most commonly used in salons, because the smaller pigments go into the hair shaft easily. We can use a low volume developer, thus allowing the tiny pigments to enter the hair shaft without causing damage. The challenge is once the color is exposed to air, the color looses its strength. It has to be used right away. As a result it’s great in the salon but you can’t customize your color with one tube.

The solution? Tiny Tubes! Fresh multi tube cream hair color.

Now we can custom blend several shades, creating custom cream hair color, just like you get in a salon.

If you color your hair at home and your hair feels damaged and fades to that brassy undertone, liquid hair color may be the reason.

Next week: Why are my ends darker than my roots? It’s not what you think.

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