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How my Mom taught me to be a B.I.T.C.H.

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Bold, Independent, Tough, Curious and Happy.

First, pardon my BITCH description, I wanted to use a powerful word that has a negative meaning and turn it into a positive gist. Just like my mother, she turned our negative situation into a learning experience.

She didn’t say it in so many words, she lived it everyday.

While living in Dallas in the 1960’s our father left, leaving my mom with four children under the age of 10, plus she was expecting her fifth child, leaving us homeless.

Friends where able to take us in for a while, but that was not going to work in the long run. She knew she needed to go back to school to get a higher education, but taking care of five kids was more than she could handle. She made the BOLD decision to put the four of us in an orphanage just for a while, until she could get an education and find housing. Two years later mom picked us up and made the TOUGH decision to move us into the projects in Haltom City between Dallas and Fort Worth. In the 1960’s my mother was under the age 30 with five children living in the projects, and going to nursing school. Mom’s favorite place was the library, she was CURIOUS about history and she would checkout books and share them with us.

During the holidays members of the church would bring boxes of clothes over. For us it was like Christmas! Mom told us this situation was temporary. She had a plan; once she received her nursing degree we would be INDEPENDENT and supporting ourselves. Over the years we moved many times and our living situation improved. Mom taught us having the newest clothes or an expensive car was not important. HAPPINESS comes from within. I wouldn’t change a thing about the past.

Thank you mom for teaching us we are not victims and we can keep improving if we are willing to make sacrifices and do the hard work. Because of your “this will make you stronger” attitude, my siblings and I are all chasing our dreams and living our lives to the fullest without any regrets! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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